Friday, 29 January 2016

East Preston Street

The windy and wet weather continues with much disruption to commuters this morning - what with the Forth Road Bridge and Liberton Brae closed.

But this is to give some details on yesterday's closure of East Preston Street.  Local residents and users will recall the ongoing problems with poor surfaces and the damage to cars caused by loose gravel as well as the potholes.

Here is the briefing it have received from Council staff on the partial closure yesterday and today:

"You may be aware of a road closure that occurred on the east bound carriageway of East Preston Street (yesterday) due to what was called a 'pothole'.  However, when we inspected this we found that there had been some sort of slip in the road surface as the hole was around 800mm deep.
We had attempted to carry out a temporary road repair to the  surface during the course of (the day) but found that the constant flow of traffic was soon causing the surface to subside once again.
As a consequence of this, the area has now been surrounded by guardrail and the area closed to buses and HGV vehicles.  These vehicles are being diverted by Bernard Terrace where a three way temporary traffic light system is being provided to increase egress and access for those vehicles affected.  East Preston Street remains open to light vehicles and pedestrians on the east bound carriageway and to all vehicles on the west bound carriageway. 
 (Early on Friday) East Preston Street will be excavated to identify the problem and a permanent repair will be made.  At this stage it is difficult to say whether the road will require an additional closure or not.
I'll keep you informed with another post when I have more news. 

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