Thursday, 14 January 2016

Electric Vehicle charging points

I note the Council are installing  Electric Vehicle (EV) charging points in the Marchmont and Sciennes areas. It is a pilot and the points (not finalised) are likely to be:

  • Marchmont Crescent at the City Car Club bays
  • Thirlestane Road at the City Car Club bays
  • Spottiswoode Street/Arden Street area
  • Lauder Road area
  • St Catherine's Place area
  • Dick Place
The Scottish Government are underwriting 50% of the cost of the pilot with the total cost estimated at £40,000.

The following time scale is envisaged:
  • January 2016 - begin Traffic Regulation Order consultation and approval process
  • Sept/Oct 2016 - install charging units 
  • Nov 2016 - publicise availability
  • Dec 2017 - Pilot period ends
  • Jan 2018 - Analysis of pilot
You can find more details in the report here.

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