Friday, 29 January 2016

Southside mast progress

The mobile network companies Three and EE have responded to pressure to remove a generator in the Southside.

The generator and mast were installed a few weeks ago to power a temporary mast which was placed in the grounds of the Crags, a sports and community centre in the St Leonard's area.  The mast is in Bowmont Place just off St Leonard's Street.  Alas, the continuous noise and the fumes from the diesel generator was not welcome and after representation from a few local people I have been in regular touch with the agents to find a better solution.

They have now managed to source a direct supply of mains electricity for the mast and the generator is being removed.

For information, Three and EE networks have relatively poor coverage in the area and their mast on a University building in Roxburgh Place has become unavailable due to renovation work to the building.  So the temporary mast (expected to be up to, or around, a year) is replacing that.  I have been assured that the temporary mast will not become the permanent site.

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