Friday, 15 January 2016

Waste collections - again

The last two weeks has seen a further escalation in failed waste collections - that is reflected in the frustration from an increasing number of residents and businesses.  It is also reflected in the mess around many overflowing communal bins.  

I'm doing my best to escalate some of these problems but am rather hitting a brick wall.  The Council's collection service is getting increasingly erratic.  Do contact me with any problems if you can't get through with your complaint.  The website to report a missed collection is here.  Be warned though. If you are not successfully registered, the online reporting via MyGovScotland registration can be an arcane minefield for the unwary. And if you are trying to phone in an issue, an elderly lady has just phoned my office to tell us she has just racked up a telephone bill of almost £8.00 whilst on hold to the help line.  Sigh!!

If you are in Southside and Newington and can't get a report in, do contact me by email or phone here and I will see if I can crack the system.


Colin C said...

Thanks for this info. The blue-lidded paper bins are overflowing in the Southside. I was told by a senior officer that there are operational problems with these paper bins. However the green, purple, and grey bins seem to be ok around here.

Cameron Rose said...

Thanks for the information. There are lots of operational problems in different areas.

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