Prestonfield tidy up

Next Monday, 22nd February, has been set for a bit of a blitz on the Prestonfield area.  By that is meant various services will concentrate on the area to provide services.  Here are some of the things planned.

  • Community Safety and Housing staff will be visiting stairs and doing safety and security checks and providing information and advice.
  • Police Officers and Environmental Wardens will be carrying out joint patrols - littering, fly tipping and dog-fouling will be included in their agenda.
  • The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service will be available to visit homes to provide fire safety checks and offer advice.
  • Police will be available to provide advice on security and for reporting crime
  • Environmental clean up.  Note there will be a special uplift of materials for the tip from designated points between 10 and 12am
  • There is a surgery for all comers between 10am and 3pm
Much of action (and staff) will be based at Cameron House Community Centre.


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