School places

I often get questions about school admissions.  Here are a few notes from a recent briefing which may help those who are new to the system.

What do you take into consideration when developing class organisations for individual schools?
Our starting point is the number of children in each year group and also the maximum statutory class sizes for different year groups:
Primary 1:-  25
P 2 and 3:- 30
P4 to P7:- 33
Composite classes:- 25 
 If catchment numbers mean the Council cannot accommodate all P1 children through class sizes of 25 and/or a P1/P2 composite, they will then look at team teaching arrangements where two teachers will teach a larger class.  For team teaching an effort is made to have class intakes based on 30 which means reorganising back to 30 at Primary 2.    
Composite classes are where children of different ages are taught in one class. 
 Find more about term dates, school places and much more at this link.


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