Monday, 21 March 2016

'Hunted like and animal'

That is the view of the former council leader Donald Anderson as to how a whistleblower was treated when he asked questions about the alleged misspending of £400,000 of public money.  Here is a link to today's article in the Evening News.

I posted last May and November about some of the rather shocking things which have happened surrounding this case.  I note the News raised 11 questions that need answered (not online):

  1. What exactly are the 'past mistakes' for which the Council has apologised to staff at Cameron House Community Centre?
  2. Do they include the 'dirty tricks' alleged by Cameron House staff?
  3. If so, why has no disciplinary action been taken against anyone?
  4. What steps have been taken to trace the source of the pornography sent to Cameron House staff?
  5. Is there any evidence that the porn was sent from within the Council?
  6. Who sent a council official to make a secret inspection of the community centre and why?
  7. How high up the council chain of command did knowledge of these 'mistakes' go at the time?
  8.  Have the concerns of the Cameron House Management Committee been fully and accurately recorded in the official report?
  9. Why wasn't the Edinburgh and Lifelong Learning Partnership (ELLP) whistleblower questioned about the fraud allegations during the original investigation?
  10. Were the same officials involved in investigating the complaints surrounding Cameron House, ELLP and allegations of inappropriate relationships between staff and students at Castlebrae High School?
  11. In the light of these incidents, are councillors satisfied that working practices in the education department are as fair and transparent as they should be?

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