Monday, 28 March 2016

Kebab restaurant of the year . . . . .

. . . . is Nawroz, a Kurdish and Middle Eastern Restaurant in Potterrow.

This year Nawroz has come top of the Scottish section of the UK kebab awards.

The name derives from the Kurdish Spring Day - usually on 22nd March which celebrates both the arrival of Spring and the defeat of an Assyrian leader by a Kurdish hero in 612 B.C.  So there you have it!

And for those wondering (like me) what is being smoked just outside the premises, there is an explanation of the Shisha Pipe here.


Unknown said...

Chock full of B.S. The Kurds stole their New Year from Persians who stole it from Assyrians. The Kurds have no historical records so how can their so-called New Year be traced to the defeat of an Assyrian King. The Kurds are not the Medes, so stop the total B.S.

Cameron Rose said...

I note the links to the sources of the information (the restaurant) now don't work. The main point of the post was to note the award. Similar claims are found elsewhere. I'm not authenticating them.

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