Monday, 14 March 2016

More on parking

On Friday I flagged up the issue of parking controls in the central area of the city.  (The full report can be found here.)

Although some of the more controversial proposals do not affect the bulk of the Southside & Newington ward, the proposed measures do affect ward residents.  The consultation response has been unprecedented and the proposals affect people visiting the central area for shops, visiting or church attendance (on Sundays mainly).

First, the positive part of the proposals - which could be implemented pretty quickly and would provide a more efficient use of road space to the agreement of most people.  That is the shared use parking arrangement which has been successfully introduced in some areas and is proposed to be introduced across Zones 1-8.  (It would also make use of areas which currently have redundant single yellow lines.)

But there are several parts of the proposals which do not add up.

There is no costing for it.  It is just appalling management to make a decision where there is no financial impact assessment.   In addition to the implementation costs (signage, obtaining traffic regulation orders etc) there is an interesting table included in the report which shows that Edinburgh will have the most expensive Sunday parking in Britain (with the one exception of Brighton, which was, until the elections last year, run by the Green Party).

Secondly there is just no meaningful response in the report to the overwhelming opposition in the consultation responses to the more controversial parts of the plan - in particular, the Sunday proposals.

Finally, I understand there is some sort of compromise proposal from Councillor Hinds to dock half an hour from the Sunday parking proposals - making them finish at 6:30pm rather than the proposed 7pm.

The Transport Committee will bee meeting to decide these things tomorrow in the City Chambers at 10am

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