Friday, 11 March 2016

Parking report now published

Following a delay, the Council has this afternoon published the parking action plan proposals.

You can find the report here.  The key proposals are laid out below:

1.1.1 notes the results of the PAP consultation 
1.1.2 approves in principle the extension of parking controls (as detailed in Option 1 in paragraph 3.31 of this report) on the basis that: a. the operational hours of waiting restrictions and parking places in Zones 1 to 4 on Monday to Saturday would be extended to 1900 hours; b. waiting restrictions and parking places in Zones 1 to 4, would operate on Sunday afternoons 1300 – 1900 hours; and c. single yellow line restrictions on main traffic routes throughout the CPZ and extended zones would operate on Sunday between 1300 and 1900 hours; 
1.1.3 requests a report, in the next cycle, setting out the programme for the implementation of the new parking arrangements for Sunday afternoons; 
1.1.4 notes that it is proposed to monitor the impact of the proposed changes to the controlled hours on Sundays; and 
1.1.5 approves the Parking Action Plan (Appendix 1), with amendments as detailed in this report.
If you wish to contact members of the Committee who will be taking the decision, you will find their contact details here.

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