Thursday, 10 March 2016

Parking report still delayed

Many of you have been asking about the Council's decision on late evening parking controls and Sunday parking which has been proposed by the Labour/SNP administration.  The decision has not been made yet.

I posted about it a few months back and have been intending to give you a link to the expected report with the proposals from the Administration councillors.  As it is still not here yet it is time to update you.

First, the consultation returned views overwhelmingly against the majority of the proposals - though the details of the objections have not yet been released.

A decision was due to be taken at the Transport and Environment Committee on 12th January 2016 but no report appeared.  It is now due to be decided on 15th March and the papers for this meeting were released yesterday.  However, the report we are awaiting on parking was not included.  It was on the agenda but the report was marked 'to follow'.  We have been promised it today but it did not arrive this morning.

You will detect a degree of frustration.  The best thing the Administration can now do is abandon the proposals.  Perhaps the delay indicates that is what will happen!

I will post the link when I get it.

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