Parking: Weekday controls extension withdrawn, Sunday controls imposed***

*** Original post amended.  Now correct version as below.

The decision at the Transport Committee today was taken in rather chaotic circumstances.

The proposal was to extend Monday to Saturday parking to 7:00pm.  In a last minute amendment the Labour/SNP groups pulled the time back to the current 6:30pm end of controls in central Edinburgh.  In other words no change there.

That was not true for Sundays where the report recommendation for Sunday controls (1pm-7pm) was pushed through in principle by the Labour/SNP/Green groups. But whether the decision to go for Sunday parking also includes the precise hours (1pm ending at 6:30pm or 7:00pm) is not clear. Initially, I had assumed from the paperwork and amendment that it was 7:00pm but I am now told by some it was 6:30.  I'm checking and will amend this post tomorrow when the confusion clears.


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