Election Hustings this week end

With the election on Thursday 5th May, there is an election hustings in Community Church, South Clerk Street on Sunday 10th April.  It is between 4pm and 5:30pm.  Those speaking are as follows:

  • Miles Briggs - Conservative
  • Andy Wightman - Green
  • Daniel Johnson - Labour
  • Pramod Subbaraman - Lib Dem
  • Colin Fox - Scotland's Left Alliance
  • Jim Eadie - SNP
  • TBC - Ukip


Colin C said…
The venue is in the Edinburgh Central Scottish Parliamentary constituency, and the candidates are all standing in Edinburgh South. This arrangement caused confusion four years ago. Some people are already muddled about the names and boundaries of the Westminster and Scottish seats, and it would make more sense for the hustings to take place in a venue which corresponds to the actual constituency.

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