Saturday, 30 April 2016

Royal Blind project wins community grant vote

Forward Vision is a programme for young people between 17 and 25 who have severe visual impairment or other serious disabilities.  The winning proposal for a community grant is to provide a speciality Bird's Nest Swing for young people at the Royal Blind Centre in Canaan Lane under this programme.  See full details of the very worthy project here.

All of the other projects bidding can be seen on this page.  The results, after votes had been cast are in the order shown below (the ones mentioned are likely to benefit from a grant - click on each for more details):

  1. Royal Blind
  2. Access to Industry - helping young people recover from substance abuse
  3. Home Link family support - providing support for struggling families
  4. Tap Into It - an organisation helping people, especially older people get online for the first time.
  5. Crags Community Sports Centre - project to take basketball and football into community settings
  6. CY - Canongate Youth provides support to children and their families.  This project is to develop their Cafe run as a training experience for young people.
  7. Bamboobelly Bandstand - a project to improve the grassy area behind the police box at the top of Middle Meadow Walk and provide a performance area.
There were other votes too.  The following roads and pavement repairs were prioritised:
  1. Nicolson Street pavement repairs - click link to see where
  2. More Nicolson Street pavement repairs
  3. Braid Road - resurface the north end
  4. Granville Terrace - resurface part of footway
  1. Viewcraig Gardens steps to community garden at Brown Street
  2. Prestonfield Park
I didn't manage to note the order of the remaining bids.

Additional note 2200hrs 300416:  I understand there were around 230 people voting.


Colin C said...

this is an excellent way to involve the community and it was great to see such enthusiasm from the applicants, and to have such professionalism from the Council staff.

Cameron Rose said...

Thanks for your comment and feedback. I've added a bit more information to the post

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