Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Vote for local improvements and projects

This Saturday there is an opportunity for local residents to vote and allocate priorities for small projects within the Southside & Newington and Meadows and Morningside wards.

The event is in Nicolson Square at the Methodist Church from 11am.  The results will be announced between 3 and 4pm.

There are three tranches of money available for projects:

  1. Road Improvement proposals.  You can see the 8 proposals here.  They are estimated to be worth around £134,000 but it is unlikely all can be completed.  Hence the prioritisation required.
  2. Community Grants. There are 21 proposals but insufficient money to go round them all.  Hence the selection of which projects are to be adopted.  See the proposals here.
  3. Housing Revenue Account proposals.  There are 14 and you can see them here.  The amount available is 
You must be a resident in one of the two wards to be allowed to vote.  All residents are welcome.  I'll see you there.


Alastair said...

Is it possible to express an opinion on the pavement schemes if you can't make it on Saturday?


Cameron Rose said...

You can let Mags know views to be passed to relevant official but in effect, only those there in person can vote. Any views on a particular scheme might, if deemed relevant (factual), influence the way it is presented - but I can't guarantee the extent of consideration.

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