Wednesday, 11 May 2016

More on roads

I have now obtained a list of Southside & Newington streets to undergo carriageway works in the current financial year. But I'll leave them till the next post and concentrate on one of the reasons why our roads are in such a mess.

That reason is because not all the planned work for last year was achieved.  In Southside & Newington ward along, the following works scheduled for the financial year up to March 2016 were not carried out:
  • St Patrick Square and Clerk Street - 561 square meters of strengthening
  • East Preston Street - 3260 sqm of strengthening the whole road
  • (Priestfield Road - 3563 sqm of footway surfacing)* 
  • (MacDowall Road - 631 sqm footway surface treatment, both sides)*
  • Viewcraig Street - 1148 sqm of footway flags
So all of these plans were not achieved last year.

And overall for the city, there is little prospect of catching up at all this year - partly because of the reorganisation within the Council which is ongoing.  It will take the new reorganised staff some time to get up to speed.  Certainly there is a plan, belatedly, but it is unlikely to begin to eat into the backlog until the next financial year - April 2017.  If at all. 

I'll leave the list for 2016/17 repairs in the ward to a subsequent post.

*Correction 1050hrs 110516:  I made an error copying from the spreadsheet and included the Priestfield Road and MacDowell Road in the list of works carried over from 2015/16.  I understand they were allocated to the current financial year. Apologies for the error.

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