Thursday, 12 May 2016

Road repairs coming up in Southside & Newington

Here are the streets scheduled for repair before the end of March 2017.  They are in no order.

  • Clerk Street from Rankeillor St to South Clerk St - 1038 sqm of resurfacing
  • Clerk St/S Clerk St to West Preston Street - 4015 sqm, resurfacing
  • Nicolson Street, S College St to Nicolson Sq - 1922 sqm resurfacing
  • Newington Road, West Preston Street to W Newington Pl - 1332 sqm resurfacing
  • Blackford Avenue, Oswald Road to S Oswald Road -1331 sqm of surface treatment
  • Chapel Street, Windmill Street to Bussleuch St - 494 sqm surface treatment
  • Holyrood Park Road, Dalkeith Road to sub station - 2869 sqm surface treatment
  • Pleasance - 8807 sqm surface treatment
  • Buccleuch Street, Meadow Lane to Boroloch - 502 sqm surface treatment
  • Priestfield Road - 3563 sqm of pavement treatment
  • MacDowall Road - 631 sqm of pavement treatment both sides
It remains to be seen how many of these will be completed by March 2017.

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