Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Whitehouse Loan saga continues

A candidate for the most potholed street in Scotland, Whitehouse Loan is a mess.  I noted the other day an MSP tweeting that it is the street with potholes inside the potholes.  Not good at all.

First the latest update on its scheduled repair.  Then a few more general comments about why Edinburgh is in this mess.

Having asked as recently as the beginning of March, only to be told that the long awaited repair was scheduled for the beginning of the financial year (April/May), I can now report further slippage!  The current plan is for work to begin in July to September.  Sigh.  This is for the section from Bruntsfield Place to Strathearn.

So why is Edinburgh the worst performing Council of the four Scottish cities for maintaining its roads?

It is not just a question of not enough money - though more than the current approximately £20m allocated could go a long way.  I say 'could' because it is easy to see the money available is not being used efficiently as I will show in a subsequent post.

Managing our roads is wracked by inefficiency and wrong strategic decisions.  And the stewardship of the current administration over the last 4 years has seen our roads get worse.  Oh for an opportunity to sort them out.  We'll have to wait till the Council elections next May for that opportunity.

NB For more on the history of Whitehouse Loan roads see my post here.

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