Thursday, 2 June 2016

Parking charges - and controls on Sundays

Apologies for the lack of posts.  I can only put up a fraction of the local material that comes across my desk.  But with over 4000 responses to the Council's Parking Action Plan the latest report, due up before the Transport Committee next Tuesday, will be of interest to many..

The story so far.  At the last meeting on 15th March, amongst other measures, was a proposal to introduce Sunday controls and charging.  There were no costings - a rather big fault when taking decisions like this but the administration pushed through their decision to introduce parking controls and charges on Sundays in principle.  With comments from the Convenor, most people who made representations (from local businesses and local churches) left resigned to a the decision in principle to go ahead with Sunday parking controls and charges - but that these were to be between 1pm and 6:30pm only.

However, the report includes costings for all day parking on Sundays as well as afternoon only.  Many fear the Administration might revert to all day Sunday charges and controls.  See this article and the comment from George Whyte.

The report itself can be found in full here.  You can check the minute of the last meeting here.

And a final link here is to the comments of my colleague Cllr Nick Cook who points out the whole proposal was the subject of a record number of responses from local people who would be affected (the vast majority against).  He also highlights that the Council stands to gain between £490,000 and £900,000 per annum by implementing Sunday Parking controls.  This would, of course, be an extra charge on residents shoppers and churchgoers.

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Parking charges are attimes unfair

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