Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Further on the Bernard Terrace Surgery - it may close next year

Yesterday I noted that the Souhside GP Surgery in Bernard Terrace is to be taken over by NHS Lothian rather than being run as an independent practice.

But there is a more significant threat.  I understand the Surgery building requires to be sold by the summer of 2017.

NHS Lothian are looking at alternatives but there appear to be limited options and it may yet be that the practice may close and patients be dispersed to other surgeries.


Colin Christison said...

This is all very worrying. The practice has been there for many years and it has provided an excellent service to generations of families. It is unfortunate that these days practices, particularly rural ones, have difficulty recruiting new or replacement GPs. Regarding the premises, it was stated that part of the ground floor of the student accommodation blocks currently under construction on the former Homebase site was to include a modern GP facility for two of the existing local practices, including Southside Surgery. Was this true, or was this a 'sweetener' to dispel some of the anxiety about the Council's refusal of the planning application being overturned by the Scottish Government? Whatever the case, patients and other locals who are concerned about the probable loss of this practice because of the lack of GPs or suitable premises should write to the Chief Executive of Lothian NHS Board (Mr Tim Davison). The other practices are already very busy.

Cameron Rose said...

I recall mention of the possibility of a surgery at the time. I've checked the (lengthy) papers associated with that application and it includes provision, as well as student accommodation, of Class 1 (retail) and/or Class 2(office) and associated facilities. Surgery facilities would be subject to a satisfactory lease/deal with NHS Lothian being negotiated.

You are right. This is a essentially a matter for NHS Lothian - of which Tim Davidson is the Chair of the Board.

However, there is a link up between the Council and NHS Lothian for some purposes and this takes the form of the Integrated Joint Board (IJB). The chair is George Walker but I would think representation might best be sent to the Ch Exec Rob McCulloch-Graham
As I understand, the IJB has responsibility for co-ordinating provision for GP surgeries.

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