Tuesday, 19 July 2016

GP crisis in the Southside

The Southside Surgery in Bernard Terrace is to be taken over by NHS Lothian later this year after the GP partnership has found it increasingly difficult to recruit GPs.  Perhaps best if I include extracts from the notification.

"You may be aware from the media of some of the difficulties facing General Practice which have been mounting for a number of years. Unfortunately these problems have come to a head at Southside Surgery.
Over the past two years we have found it impossible to recruit new GP partners due to the massively increased work loads and reduced practice income.  This means that instead of our previous four partners and one salaried doctor we are now left with only two partners (Drs Sanderson and Reive).  We are very fortunate to have two very good salaried doctors (Drs Corcoran and Alshaikly).  We are very grateful to them for their hard work and support.
 Unfortunately, and with great regret, however, we have reached the stage that our partnership is unsustainable and we have asked Lothian Health Board to take over running our practice.  All existing staff including all the doctors will remain in post and patients should notice little change in the service we provide.  This change will happen in November or December 2016.  We are one of several practices who are having to go down this route. . ."

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