Friday, 23 September 2016

24 hour opening for MacDonald's rejected

Today there was a lengthy Licensing Sub-Committee meeting and it considered the application for late hours catering permission (24 hours) for the newly erected MacDonald’s at Cameron Toll.  Let me summarise. 
1.      A local resident and I made the case not to grant the hours requested.
2.      The applicant requested the application be deferred for one month to enable MacDonald's to host a residents meeting (I think on 18th October) with a view to allaying concerns.
3.      This was rejected by the Committee which resolved to take a decision today.  It was noted that MacDonald’s is already operating and there had been enough time for MacDonald’s to carry out such consultation.
4.      Council officers drew attention to the zoning policy.  Whilst I don’t know it in precise detail it works like this.  There are three zones – broadly Zone 1 is very busy areas with late night activity (opening allowed up to 3am); Zone 2 is for main roads (1am opening Sun-Thurs and 2am Fri-Sat);  Zone 3 is for streets with low traffic/residential proximity (midnight opening Sunday-Thursday and 1am Friday and Saturday).
5.      After hearing from the objectors and the applicant the Committee were clearly not going to grant the full hours. There were then two proposals: one for Zone 2 hours and the other for Zone 3.
6.      The Committee voted 4:3 to grant the application but restricted to Zone 3 hours – midnight closing Sun-Thurs and 1am Fri-Sat.
7.      I should add that it was made clear to the applicants that it was not considered appropriate for them to be advertising 24 hour opening before the application had been heard.  The Committee also noted that the applicant has been advertising for all night staff. 

I should add that there were assurances from MacDonald’s about litter pickup in the area, community events, staff training, signage about late night noise, and CCTV.  

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