Monday, 26 September 2016

Community Council elections: A record?

Nominations for community councils closed at 4pm today.

Grange/Prestonfield requires a minimum of 8 nominations. More than 16 nominations puts us in election territory.  For a community council that is a rare event.

As I counted the valid nominations at the end of the afternoon the number rose to sixteen!  There have been elections before but only rarely.

So thanks to all of you who have stepped forward.  In due course the names will be published.

I don't yet know the numbers for Marchmont Sciennes Community Council - one of the other councillors is returning officer there.  And Southside did not require an election as they have been formed relatively recently.

1 comment:

ajvphilp said...

only 7 nominations at MSCC so no elections unfortunately. So some vacancies if anyone with special skills wishes to be co-opted!

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