Doors Open this week end

This is the annual opportunity to visit premises - many of which would not otherwise be open to the public, for free.

You can find all the buildings and locations here.

Here are a few local to the Southside/Newington ward (Number refers to number in Doors Open catalogue).

  • Blackford; Royal College of Nursing, South Oswald Road (2)  
  • Blackford: Royal Observatory Edinburgh (3)
  • Blackford: King's Buildings (4)
  • Newington: Newington Cemetery (47)
  • Newington: Priestfield Tennis and Sports Association  (48)
  • Southside:  University Library (77)
  • Southside:  John Sinclair House  (78)
  • Southside: Teviot Row House  (80)
  • Southside:  Anatomical Museum (81)


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