Water supply problems today

Scottish Water are battling a number of problems today which may affect residents and businesses.

First there has been a burst on a trunk water main in Orchard head Loan in Liberton which could affect normal supplies to some parts of the city - including  the city centre, Old Town, Canongate, Liberton, Prestonfield, Little France and the Inch.  This may result in loss of supply in these areas or a reduction in pressure.

I understand the Nurseries at Hope Cottage in East Crosscauseway, and St Leonard's in West Adam Street are closed for the day because of the lack of water.

There is also a water burst in Dalkeith Road just north of the junction with East Mayfield.

You can find updates here on the Scottish Water service updates web page.


Anonymous said…
Thankyou forthis updating-appreciatesde Tom

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