Saturday, 8 October 2016

More councillors for Edinburgh

Edinburgh is moving from 58 councillors up to 63 as from the local elections next May.  You can access the new ward maps (and the reasons) from this page of the Boundary Commission for Scotland website.  The Boundary Commission recommendations were finally approved by the Holyrood Parliament last month, much later than had been expected.

The Southside & Newington ward has a number of changes at the edges:

  • Cameron Toll Gardens and Cameron Toll Lade are added to the ward
  • Mid Liberton, Nether Liberton and Liberton Road are also added.
  • Clinton Road along with a small area around the south end of Whitehouse Loan are added
  • Strathfillan Road and the north side of Strathearn Road are added.
  • The Dumbiedykes moves from Southside & Newington to Central ward
  • Forkenford also moves, this time to the Craigmillar/Portobello ward
All in all there is no change for the large majority of residents in the current ward.

A map of the new boundary can be downloaded here.

The increase reflects an increase in population in the city and a change in the method of allocation of numbers.  A couple of years back I made the point that there are too many layers of representatives - and the boundaries are confusing.  The referendum decision to leave the EU removes one layer of representation.

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