Monday, 14 November 2016


As if the police didn't have enough to do there have been demonstrations to patrol concerning the US election result.   There was one on Saturday in the centre of the city and there has been a proliferation of fly posting in the area.

Which is all cause to celebrate that we treasure free speech in this country.   Though it doesn't prevent me from wising that the doomsters would just get on with making the best of the democratic decisions which have been taken.

Whatever our view on the vote to leave the European Community the focus should be on getting the best deal and making the most of the opportunities.  For some, though, it seems to be an opportunity to exercise a predilection to wallow in the possibility future doom and gloom.   Not good.

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Alastair said...

Is it wallowing in doom and gloom to expect politicians to be honest and keep to their promises? For example, you made no secret of your support for Brexit, so when do you expect the £350m to start filtering through to the NHS?

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