East Suffolk Road agreement on moving the pavillion

The story so far.

The application by Miller Homes to build homes on the field to the north east of 10 Suffolk Road was refused by the Edinburgh Council's Development Management Committee.  It was a close decision on 18th December 2015.  (See here for more details).

Miller Homes appealed and the Scottish Government Reporter issued a notice of intention to grant the appeal on 21st April 2016, subject to a number of conditions.  Amongst these were arrangements surrounding the moving and preservation of the Pavilion.

I note the confirmation of the decision by the Scottish Government Reporter to allow the appeal has been published on the Scottish Government website and is dated 25.1.17.   This indicates agreement on the various conditions. Follow this link to the relevant page.

I presume that means Miller Homes will now proceed promptly to the building of the 10 houses and the moving of the Pavilion.

(Amended 310117 to correct the date of the original committee decision to December 2015).


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