Saturday, 11 February 2017

Edinburgh council tax to rise between 3% and 26% from April plus further rises in Water and Sewerage

The SNP Government has imposed rises of between 7.5% and 22.5% on Council tax from April. These increases apply to the top four of the 8 bands.

The Labour/SNP coalition in Edinburgh has added a further 3 per cent increase - the maximum allowed - which applies across all 8 bands.  Three things need to be remembered.
  • ALL council tax payers will have to pay significant increases
  • For the top four bands the SNP government increase is added before the Edinburgh Council 3% is applied.  That means the additional discretionary increase of 3% represents an increase over last year's council tax of more than 3%.  The additional increase is therefore between 3.25% and 3.675% for these bands.
  • In addition the Water and Sewerage charges also increase but by a more modest 1.6%. That is the rate of inflation (CPI) in the year to December 2016.
So everyone will be paying more.

In the next day or two I will post the actual figures.  If you are not sure which band the house you own, rent or live in, attracts you can check for your band at this website.

Then I will report who voted for what - and why these increases need not be so severe.  If you have not been following the issues closely there will be a couple of surprises for you.

Amended 11.2.17 to make minor improvements to the wording.

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Alastair said...

Oh the face of it, this is a long overdue and welcome increase. Yes, it's been nice not to see the tax rising, but at the same time we've seen services being cut back left and right. The roads, for example, would shame a third world city, far less a western capital.

I see from the BBC that one of the things that is to be built is a new school on the south side of the city - it would be good if you could expand on what that means? Sciennes primary is hugely over subscribed and its catchment goes a long way south. I'm hoping that this means that pressure will be taken off Sciennes - do you have more details of the Council's plans?

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