Proposal to reduce opening hours of Newington Library

The Labour/SNP administration have decided to reduce library opening hours from 51 to 39 hours.

That means the following:

Day          New                 Current

Sun          Closed              Closed
Mon         1pm - 8pm        10am - 8pm
Tues         10am - 5pm      10am - 5pm
Wed         1pm - 8pm        10am - 8pm
Thu          10am - 5pm      10am - 5pm
Fri            10am - 5pm      10am - 5pm
Sat           10am - 2pm      10am - 5pm

I'm on the case trying to reverse these.   It is to be decided at the budget meeting of the Council on Thursday this week.

Update 11.2.17:  In the event a last minute additional £10m in the Scottish Government grant has enabled Edinburgh Council to indicate it will allocate some additional money to limiting the impact of these service reductions


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