Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Sick Kids update

Last week was the closing date for initial offers to NHS Lothian.  Now, there has been a flurry of publicity from some of the participants.

Here is an update.

First, there is an article in today's Times, (£ paywall but you can see the first few paragraph) which is about the bid which has been made by local arts entrepreneur Robert McDowell.  He is the owner of Summerhall. He has made a bid to obtain the site for a combination of museums, art galleries and arts related activities.

Then there is the proposal to exercise powers under community buy-out legislation which was extended to urban areas last year.  The Marchmont and Sciennes Development Trust is being formed and you can find more details of their vision here.

But there has also been consultation meetings locally to draw up plans to liaise with and influence any future developers.  They have produced a summary of collective views which is intended to be a working document with which to engage with bidders.

There will doubtless be many other bidders which will be reduced to a shortlist in the coming weeks.

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