Monday, 20 March 2017

John Swinney called on to 'do a Hammond' and ditch the Named Person scheme

Local Southside & Newington resident Jim Sillars today advised John Swinney and the Scottish Government to abandon the controversial Named Person scheme which seeks to appoint a state guardian for every child in Scotland.  In calling for John Swinney to 'do a Hammond' he was referring to the early climb down of the Chancellor on his much criticised National Insurance rises for the self employed

At a conference at the Pollock Halls this afternoon the former deputy leader of the SNP spoke against the SNP government's scheme - which was declared illegal last year by the Supreme Court.  He was one of three speakers who indicated they were in favour of independence but were appalled by the current SNP approach to this issue.

The conference was attended by 250 people who heard speaker after speaker describe how they believed the Scottish Government policy was illiberal, unnecessary and harmful.  More details in this article in The Scotsman.

The NO2NP website has a link to a petition against the policy and contains information for those who have suffered from unnecessary intrusion through the scheme.  Although not lawful in the form legislated by the Scottish Government, the scheme is already in operation in many areas of Scotland, apparently on a voluntary basis.


John Wallace said...

Think you will find it was in excess of 400 attendees.

Cameron Rose said...

Unusually, I didn't count. :-)

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