Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Candidates for the May 4th election for this ward

Candidates for the May 4th Council election for this ward

Conservative :  Cameron Rose (your host at this local newsblog)
Green:  Steve Burgess
Labour: Ian Perry
Lib Dem: Dan Farthing
SNP: Alison Dickie

As a matter of interest it is unusual for there to be so few candidates.  Your second vote can count.

The way the count works is that when the total number of votes is known, a quota is set of a fifth of the total votes cast.  If one candidate gets more than the quota of votes, that candidate is elected and any votes above the quota are tallied up and allocated according to the second preference of the voters who voted for the candidate who reached the quota.  If any other candidate gets to the quota, the same procedure follows.  If no candidate gets to the quota, then candidate with the lowest number of first preference votes drops out.

So your second preference can count - even though there are only five candidates.

I will link to a list of all candidates in Edinburgh tomorrow.


Edinburgh said...

It is not just your first preference and your second preference that can count. ALL your preferences can count. So you would be well advised to mark preferences until you can no longer make a choice between the remaining candidates.

Anonymous said...

If you support only, say, two candidates, then mark them as 1st and 2nd choice but do not endorse the other candidates by giving them 3rd, 4th or 5th choice. That would probably not change the outcome but would show the overall level of support (or lack of) of each candidate.
Anyway, the elections in this ward are not democratic as many candidates have safe seats and are nominated by their parties to take them. Replace any Tory or Labour candidate and they will get 'elected'. The current councilors are not accountable and their activity is not transparent. If you disagree, please tell how one can find out how the councilors vote on different committee. They do not want it to be publicly known. You can find this information about MPs but not the councilors.

Cameron Rose said...


You make a valid point that some will not wish to endorse a particular candidate.

Democracy? It is far from perfect but probably the best system. You suggest councillors do not want the way they vote to be known. I support the long delayed proposal to have electronic voting which gthe current administration has delayed - or been unable to bring in. I believe, however, that it is supported by all parties.

In addition I have supported webcasting committees. You can see how your councillors do. It is pretty open and transparent. Seeing the precise voting of all councillors will not be long in coming. But it is not because I don't want it.

Safe seats: well that is up to the electors!!

Thanks for contributing.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the reply.
If you do indeed support making the voting transparent, why wouldn't you write in your blog how you vote? Walk the talk.
The recordings are a good step forward and ticks the 'transparency' box but are very hard to use due to time it would take to use.

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