Thursday, 13 April 2017

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I don't often reference my letters in the newspapers in this blog.  But as we are deciding where to cast out votes I'll give you the links to the exchange on who is entitled to use the word Scottish in the upcoming local elections.

The discussion started earlier this week with a bizarre article in the Evening News from the leader of the Edinburgh's SNP councillors.  You can read it here.  The argument seems to be that if I am a member of the UK Conservatives (or Labour, or the LibDems) I am not entitled to use the word 'Scottish' in my party affiliation on the ballot paper.

The Scotsman picked up the comments and reported his comments on the front page.

My response can be found here and I have laid out the text below.
"The leader of the SNP on Edinburgh Council questions my right to use the word ‘Scottish’ in the description of my party and on the ballot paper (Letter, April 10).   I don’t complain about his six mentions of Conservatives in the opening paragraphs of his article, mainly tendentious, inaccurate and ambiguous though they are.  Clearly he has identified his opposition! 

But quite bizarrely, in an opportunity to lay out his stall in the election for the capital, he uses it to question my right to use the label Scottish.  Let me help Frank Ross by publishing a line from the introduction to the SNP manifesto for Edinburgh which he has presumably signed off:  “An SNP-led Council will provide the leadership necessary to allow everyone in our city to flourish”.

Certainly Edinburgh needs leadership, and leadership which allows all to flourish.  But Frank Ross’s vindictive and petty questioning of my right to use the word ‘Scottish’ suggests voters will do well to look elsewhere for that leadership.

Cllr Cameron Rose
Conservative Group Leader"


JPJ2 said...

Does your party in England call itself the English Conservative Party?

Answer "No".

So why does it brand itself the SCOTTISH Conservative (and Unionist) Party implying that it is not that which it is-namely a subsidiary part of the UK Conservative Party?

The so-called Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party does not exist, no such party is registered.

Cameron Rose said...


Was 'Alex Salmond for First Minister' ever a Party?

Is JPJ2 your name?

Best wishes,


JPJ2 said...

Did "Alex Salmond for First Minister" ever claim to be a party?

My real name is Thomas Robinson (I use JPJ2 as a homage to my illustrious blood relative John Paul Jones, the seafaring fighter for American freedom and independence-oh, and they don't call it American Separation Day on 4 July by the way :-)

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