Saturday, 6 May 2017

Election results

Blogging has been light recently - the local elections squeezed my time just a bit.

However, the results for the city :

SNP 19 (+2)
Conservatives 18 (+7)
Labour 12 (-9)
Greens 8 (+3)
Lib Dems6 (+4)

(The figures are relative to seats held immediately prior to the election.  Note that due to boundary changes Edinburgh had 5 extra seats.)

And you can find the detailed results for the ward here.

In summary, the first preference votes cast were:

Cameron Rose (Conservative) - 3151
Alison Dickie (SNP) - 2403
Steve Burgess (Green) - 2381
Ian Perry (Labour) - 2354
Dan Farthing (Lib Dem) - 1410

The make up of the Council can be found here and there are now discussions to form an administration.

Finally, there is a changing of the guard in the leadership of the Conservative Group and Iain Whyte takes over from me.

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Anonymous said...

Well Done Mr Cameron Rose
Tom Reilly

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