Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Sick Kids buyout attempt update

The community buyout proposal has been with the Scottish  Government for some time.  It cannot go ahead in the current form so here is an update from the Marchmont and Sciennes Development Trust explaining the delay.
" . . .the Sick Kids is being sold as a single site by NHS Lothian.
However, it has two owners - the health board and the Edinburgh and Lothians Health Foundation.
The ‘community right to buy’ legislation states that applications to be given first refusal on a site can only relate to one holding of land, so the Scottish Government last week told us that they have declined to consider the application (as in they have not taken any view on it).
This means that in order to proceed we need to put in two applications for the Sick Kids site, one for the land owned by NHS Lothian and one for the land owned by the Edinburgh and Lothians Health Foundation.
After this point we would then get a decision from the Scottish Government but in the meantime the restrictions on NHS Lothian selling the site have been lifted.For this reason we are trying to get the applications sorted as quickly as possible but do feel free to get in touch if there’s anything you think you can do to help."

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