Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Waste collections

With the new rotas and collection regime coming into place this week it seems like a good time to remind us all of some waste collection information.  Some of the published information has hitherto been inaccurate.  Here are some useful links.

Review of events in public parks

The Parks Department has launched the annual review of the major events which took place in Edinburgh’s parks from October 2017 to September 2018.  A small selection have been identified in the survey linked below, however if you would like to comment on an event which isn’t listed, there is an opportunity to do so at the end.

The aim of this consultation is to gather feedback from all those affected by events, to help to identify any problems or issues which arose and highlight any benefits.  Feel free to contribute to the survey for any parks event in the last year.

The link is here

Friday, 5 October 2018

Bin collection calendars

There has been a bit of confusion - to say the least - about new bin collection days.  See for example:

I am being told the correct information will be uploaded onto the Council website on Monday  (8th).  The site is here - but as I write this it is still the old information.  For many, the collection days for household bins are changing.

Thursday, 27 September 2018

Bones found at Pollock Halls

Police are investigating the find yesterday of bones found at the Pollock Halls to the rear of the Commonwealth Pool.

The find was yesterday around 3pm yesterday.  Details here.

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Morgan Playing Fields proposals - back on the table

Last month I noted that the proposals for the Morgan Playing Fields under the Community Asset Transfer process (see here) were dead.  However, outside that process Council staff are continuing to speak with the applicants, Street Soccer Scotland and Edinburgh South FC concerning a possible deal.

Such a deal would require to go to the Council's Finance Committee which meets monthly.  To ensure that any such move would get more local scrutiny I moved an emergency motion at last evening's South East Locality Committee:
Morgan Playing Fields

  1. Notes the Community Asset Transfer application for the Morgan Playing Fields, Peffermill Road, by Street Soccer Scotland/Edinburgh South FC was declared invalid on 4th September 2018
  2. Notes that the applicants have now begun negotiations with City of Edinburgh Council in contemplation of a direct agreement with the Council to progress their aim of a Change Centre along with pitch facilities for the use of Edinburgh South FC at Morgan Playing Fields
  3. Notes that the process is that any such decision agreement requires to be approved by the Finance and Resources Committee and, if approved, would then be subject to planning permission.
  4. Instructs that any proposed agreement be brought to the South East Locality Committee for full local scrutiny prior to consideration by the Finance and Resources Committee
It was approved unanimously. 

Buffer Zones

The Locality Committee last evening considered a report called for by a Green Councillor on the possibility of setting up buffer zones around clinics offering pregnancy and sexual health services.

The report concluded that there are not legislative powers to set up such buffer zones in Scotland and that the police have powers and responsibilities to take action where it is appropriate to disperse public gatherings or protect those using such clinics from intimidation or harassment.

Nonetheless, the report recommended setting up a 'Community Improvement Partnership' to safeguard the rights of those who wish to hold a vigil whilst ensuring the users of the clinic services, clinic staff and others in the area do not feel intimidated or harassed.  The report recommended this comprise of Edinburgh Council, NHS, Police and the British Pregnancy Advisory Service.  I thought that for balance there should be some sort of representation from a pro-life group (representing those who hold prayer vigils or occasional events outside the Royal Infirmary).  Alas that was defeated, I think on the grounds the BPAS is a research group in Scotland - rather than a campaigning organisation and so no balance was needed.

You can see the webcam of this here

Urban gull control options - proposal for trial defeated

The South East Locality Committee refused to support a proposal to move toward a pilot which with a view to informing future city-wide gull control measures.

I often get representation about the nuisance (and sometimes threat) posed by gulls - particularly in relation to waste.  The full report - here - gives details of measures which can be taken, and of the history of efforts to get the Council to explore measures to curb the nuisance.

My colleague, Councillor Cook, moved that work be done towards setting up a pilot using measures detailed in the report.

This proposal was voted down by the SNP, Labour and Green members of the Committee.

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