Thursday, 14 October 2021

Transport News: Bernard Terrace and Innocent Railway Path

I am advised that the work on the Zebra Crossing at Bernard Terrace is now scheduled for beginning on Monday (18th October).  See here for my previous post on this.

The Innocent Cycle Path from East Parkside to  Duddingston Road West remains closed due to the risk of rocks falling from the Samson's Ribs area Holyrood Park above the Low Road.   At the moment the Temporary Traffic Regulation Order is until 4th November. But until now it has been renewed every two weeks.  The Low Road is also closed.

Monday, 11 October 2021

Bernard Terrace Zebra crossing delayed again

 I've not reported all the twists and turns of the on/off Bernard Terrace crossing - at the St Leonard's Street end - but the latest update is . . . another delay.  

Ten years ago the junction was realigned to improve the crossing for pedestrians (details here).  It is a main pedestrian access route to Preston Street Primary School.  But there were concerns that Bernard Terrace was a major access route for emergency vehicles to the Sick Kids hospital and turning space for large vehicles at the junction is limited.  However, as the hospital was due to move there was a lengthy campaign by some local residents and we agreed a zebra crossing as suitable.  However, even with funding in place there was a delay of three years to get the project up to the top of the Council's priorities.  it appeared to have been forgotten.  

Recently, it was agreed to bring forward the long delayed project - I had to go to the Transport & Environment Committee to confront the Convenor - and there have been several further delays.  This time we have been advised some of the materials are in short supply though otherwise the project is ready to go.

We await further updates.

Monday, 4 October 2021

St Crispin's school move delayed

The move from the current school in Watertoun Road just off West Savile Terrace to Burdiehouse has been delayed from the October holiday to nearer Christmas.  Here is the latest I have:

When the new school is ready for occupation, which is now likely to be at some point between the October holidays and Christmas, we will make sure that the transition to the new building happens as quickly as possible but also in a manner and timescale which manages the change as smoothly as possible for pupils and their families. 

St Crispin's provides a supported learning environment for pupils with additional support needs. 

Friday, 24 September 2021

Lussielaw Road and Ross Place road surface work in October

Some road surfacing works are due in October in Lussielaw Road and Ross Place at the end of the week beginning Monday 4th October.  The Lussielaw Road work is scheduled for the section from Rankin Road to Mayfield Road.

Tuesday, 21 September 2021

Doors Open Days this weekend

On Saturday and Sunday, (25th and 26th September), access - virtual or for real - is available to a range of properties around Edinburgh as part of the annual Doors Open Days.  Here are some of the opportunities in the Southside & Newington area:

  • Bayes Centre
  • Causey Development Trust
  • Grange Cemetery
  • King's Buildings
  • McEwan Hall
  • The Royal Observatory
  • The Salisbury Centre
  • Whitehouse and Grange Bowling Club
All the details can be found here.

Thursday, 16 September 2021

Appeal against planning refusal for Peffermill Sports Village fails

Back in 2019, Edinburgh University launched a project to upgrade their sports facilities at Peffermill and build some additional student accommodation. 

The plan was rejected by the Planning Committee a year ago this month.  The Scottish Government Reporter has now rejected the appeal by the University.  You can find the details here.

Monday, 16 August 2021

Levelling up fund for Inch Park

 The UK Government has offered a fund for significant  projects - one in each constituency - which can be taken from a wide range of themes.  Edinburgh Council is proposing a regeneration project for Inch Park, based on the plant nursery.  Rather than summarise further, here is part of the briefing:

Briefing Note: Levelling Up Fund – Inch Park Regeneration Context.

his briefing note is to update staff, partners and key stakeholders on recent developments for the Inch Park Regeneration Project, which is one of the projects selected for a UK Levelling Up fund bid application, and to act as a starting point for discussion of what needs to be done to take this project and bid application forward. 

The UK Government has launched a new UK Levelling Up fund, with the application processes now opened up for a 2021/22 funding round (closing date 18 th June) with further rounds expected to be announced shortly. The fund aims to provide capital investment in local infrastructure to encourage economic recovery and growth. The City of Edinburgh Council is eligible for a maximum of six funded projects over the four year life of the programme – one project per Westminster constituency, plus one city wide transport project. All projects must have endorsement from a relevant local Member of Parliament. Successful projects must pass through a competitive open bidding process with assessment against key criteria of need for support, strategic fit, deliverability, and value for money. 

The funding will focus on three investment themes: 

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