Tuesday, 20 April 2021

CALA plans for West Savile Terrace homes

 CALA has  plans for a residential development of 49 homes at the site of St Crispins School in  Watertoun Road, just off West Savile Terrace.  The school is due to move from the site to a new purpose built building in Burdiehouse later this summer.

CALA is holding an online public consultation on Thursday 29th April, 2021 between 3pm and 7pm.

More details here.

Friday, 16 April 2021

Boundaries confusion

The boundaries for the different elections can be confusing.  Edinburgh Southern for the Scottish Parliament elections in May, has different boundaries from the Edinburgh South constituency Westminster elections.  

Postal ballots have begin arriving for the Holyrood elections and if you want to check your constituency, the easiest way to check is a postcode check at this website.

Tuesday, 6 April 2021

Meadows: Covid regulations past their sell by date

One of the reasons tens of thousands of people gathered on the Meadows over Easter (and previous sunny days), is the lack of places to go.  

  • There are still limitations on inviting people to your home/garden
  • Restaurants and cafes are closed
  • Pubs are closed
  • Gyms and fitness centres are closed
  • Most shops are closed
And it is well recognised that one of the better ways to increase body immunity is to absorb vitamin D from the sunshine.  

The concentration of people on the Meadows was substantially exacerbated by the continuing regulations restricting people's options.  As more people are vaccinated, as the number of people with Covid, or admitted to hospital has fallen dramatically, the senselessness of these lockdown laws in the current circumstances becomes more apparent by the day.  

It is time to open up and get back to business of relatively normal life.

Meadows: Litter

 Clearly, over Easter week-end the augmented provision and emptying of bins was totally inadequate for the tens of thousands who visited.

Now none of this is to excuse those who left litter lying on the grass.  It should be taken home if the bins are full. That's just common decency.

And it is worth pointing out that the next morning clean up is always excellent and effective.  And was this week-end. Thank you to the early shift.

But there need to be far more bins - skips if necessary (and anyone caught drinking alcohol can dispose of it there) - on sunny days.  And the arrangements for emptying them need to be more frequent.  We do get weather forecasts and we know reasonably accurately in advance when it will be a warm sunny day.

But further, there need to be patrols by police and wardens with the will to ticket offenders.   Police and Council are working on that as well.

The Meadows: Toilet provision

With queues of 40 people waiting for the toilets which were open, the provision was totally inadequate and many residents know that the inadequate provision was a contributory factor to the surrounding area being used as a toilet. (I'm not saying that was an excuse!).

Opening hours had been extended by two hours - 12 noon to 8pm -  but they now need to be extended further. 

But just as important, the restrictions on access (only one person in the toilet block at a time) need to be dispensed with.  The restriction, and its impacts, bears no relation to the actual risk.  The situation needs reviewed and re-risk assessed immediately,

Temporary toilets need to be provided.  In the longer term more modern toilets need to be provided anyway. 

The Meadows: Enforce the existing alcohol ban

Earlier this year, under Coronavirus legislation, a ban on outdoor drinking of alcohol was introduced.  Not a lot of people know that!

The time is here to enforce that ban.  Prominent signs should be produced and displayed. Police and Council wardens should enforce.  Now I know I argue elsewhere that the Covid restrictions have contributed to the recent problems on the Meadows, but while we have the ban in place it should be enforced in the Meadows.

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