Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Archers Hall propose changes

Last night there was a public meeting in the Southside Community Centre when the proprietors of Archers Hall in Buccleuch Street explained their plans for development. They have submitted a planning application to develop their site and provide accommodation for 90 post graduate students. There were 50 people present and the Royal Company of Archers faced a fair amount of criticism for the proposals. Comments on the application (and the two supplementary applications which go with it here and here) can be made on the on the Council web site at the links above. Some neighbours noted they had not received formal notification - though the proposed developer noted that registered letters had been sent as advised by Council officers. For the information of those concerned, the criteria for 'neighbour notification' is contained in this document on pages 9 and 10. The applications contain a statement of notification . Further enquiry to made on this.


Anonymous said...

What were the criticisms? looks a not bad scheme.

Cameron Rose said...

1. Modernist design
2. Too high - impinging on daylight to Boroughloch flats
3. Removal of historic buildings - eg corner lodge house
4. Restriction of traditional views from Meadows.
5. Access concerns (eg Boroughloch entrance not suitable for service vehicles)
These are some of the views I picked up from those at the meeting. I simply report them - as I am on the Planning Committee I am careful not to express a view at this stage.

Colin said...

Seems like a very sensible development on a site without a great deal of amenity at present. Let's support some progress and modernisation.

Nigel Billen said...

I lived close by for many years (and still own a flat that - if you lean out of the window - overlooks the rear of Archer's Hall). I saw the work on the new buildings a few months ago and it all looked pretty sad. What a shame to lose the peaceful garden and historic bowling green just for this high-density and dull-looking development (but yes, I will reserve judgement on the architecture till it is finished). You only have to look at the wonderful pictures here http://canmore.rcahms.gov.uk/en/site/74052/details/edinburgh+buccleuch+street+archers+hall/ to get a sense of what has been lost. And all the while, just over the road, the Odeon quietly crumbles. Wouldn't that have been the been site for student accommodation. Sir Walter Scott - who was a member of the bowls club - would be turning in his grave.

Cameron Rose said...

The buildings were getting tired and need some investment. The Archers have raised money through this project and the residences and hall created is designed to being life back into the are which for some time had relatively little use. People don't frequent bowling greens to the same extent in this generation.

Thanks for your comment.

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