Friday, 12 September 2008

Nicolson St post office meeting

Last night, in the Southside Community Centre, local residents, businesses and politicians encountered representatives of the Post Office Closure Team which has included the Nicolson Street post office on the closure list. The meeting was focussed on providing additional information to persuade the consultation team that there were additional circumstances why this post office should not be included for closure.
This post addresses what supporters can now do to save the post office. The next will address some additional issues of interest which were raised by the comments at the meeting.
Letters of support should be written to:
The National Consultation Team, Post Office Consultation Team, Freepost Consultation Team.
It will be helpful if letteres can identify reasons which have not been fully taken into account in adding Nicolson Street to the closure list. When writing you may like to include the following points:
  • the uncertainty surrounding the number 60 bus and transport difficulties from certain parts of the post office catchment area
  • the post office brings together and is a focal point for differing parts of a culturally diverse community
  • the terrain making it difficult for the elderly and disabled to get to an alternative
  • the uncertainty on the long term viability of the neighbouring post offices - St Mary's Street and St James Centre. If they move or change this could change the distances to be travelled
  • the service to local businesses and the community
  • the convenience to the community of having a pharmacy located in the same shop - especially for the disabled
  • the effect of increasing pressure on already significant queuing at alternative post offices
  • some of the alternatives have more difficult access (steps) for disabled and elderly

Please include any other issues which are relevant to you. My impression is that the post office can be saved - but letters with reasons are required

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