Wednesday, 4 February 2009

One thousand up!

This is the 1000th post on the Southside & Newington Newsblog.

Begun on 5th February, 2007 as a record of news items (and, occasionally opinion) I was never sure how long it would last. But now, after two years, it is 1000 not out. There is a steady stream of local traffic to the blog and, from time to time the print media pick up the news I have reported here. Of course, many of the posts refer to information from the print media - for which I am grateful. The defining characteristic for an entry here is that it should directly relate to the Southside & Newington ward.


Colin C said...

Congratulations! More feedback from readers would be good. Anyway we all look forward to the 2000th item.

CR said...

Colin C

Thanks for your feedback. Feedback is always welcome.


ajvphilp said...

well done! a useful resource that i try to visit each evening

CR said...

And I appreciate your corrections and comments.


Martin said...

Congratulations Cameron. I have to say that you come across as a very nice and genuine councillor. I'm pleased to see such a close focus on issues that affect the ward.

CR said...

Thanks for coming here - and for your kind words.
Best wishes,

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