Tuesday, 5 May 2009

S6 CPZ proposal abandoned

The proposal to introduce a CPZ in the area south of S1 (generally the Grange to Dalkeith Road and to the South Sub) was abandoned this morning at the Transport Committee. A commitment was given to review local pressure points with a view to reporting back localised options - rather than a full blown CPZ. The report considered today can be found here and it should be noted that the recommendation is made on financial and local opposition grounds.

It was noted, however, that the problems areas thrown up in the initial consultation had not been dealt with before the scheme was put out for consultation. This resulted in many of the respondents, who were broadly in favour of the scheme, commenting negatively on a part of it. This resulted in 'opposition' to the scheme as being a key reason for abandoning it.

CPZ proposals require to be self funding and the report expressed doubts that the cost to implement the scheme would not be recouped.

The committee did approve a motion to look again at the pressure points 9especially on the periphery of S1 and to report within 6-8 months. See next post for revisions to S1.

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