Tuesday, 27 July 2010

A blog is born . . . Climate Edinburgh

The new blog is Climate Edinburgh and will have weekly posts on climate matters with an emphasis on Edinburgh and public policy.  If you are interested, I hope you like it - but it is still a work in progress.


paul said...

Is climate change unnatural, hasnt the climate always changed, isnt it a fact that by trying to alter climate change that we are infact changing the climate,before humans were here wasnt the world climate changeing all the time, maybe what we are seeing was supposed to happen, species evolve and adapt to there climate whats to say all know life will not adapt and survive, should we just enjoy the fruits the maker is giving us stop being greedy and just take what we need, and if humans try to stop alter climate change is it going to make much difference on the grand scale of things to amount of time we have on earth, mother nature is a powerful power that man cannot stop, all just thoughts, but what i do beleive for there to be any signifacant differnce the whole world needs stop being greedy the whole structure of societys would have to change perhaps to the point where we dont trade for wealth but for well being,huge commercial companys would have to evolve to such a level where they are not intersested in making money and put all efforts into saving the planet which leads me into mans iggnorance to the fact that he thinks he can save the planet the planet will do what it does and what it has always done giveth and taketh, maybe we should all just sit back relax be kind to each enjoy the time we have on earth and stop taking more thaan we need, sounds too simple i know but until the greeds gone man is allways going to be trying to save the planet, iv no doubt at some point huge commercial compnys will be making fortunes out of trying to save the planet maybe its a no win sitution

Cameron Rose said...

Broadly speaking I agree with you - but with some caveats.

Certainly the climate has always changed. The recent evidence is that there has been warming - but I just don't know if man has had no influence on that, is partly responsible for the warming or if it could amount to an influence on climate that might prove catastrophic.

What I am concluding is that a very substantial part of the science which has been used to try and persuade us that CAGW (catastrophic anthropogenic global warming) is upon us, actually proves to be both speculative wrong.

There is nothing fiundamentally wrong with growth but there certainly are things that we do which we shouldn't.

paul said...

Its difficult to undersatand at least for me any argument for or against the reasons surounding this issue as so much of the imformation contradicts itself, if man is responsible the only logical reasons i can think of is growth=comsumption=more energy use pesonally i think we have been give the gift of life use what you feel is nessaceary dont be wasteful and be happy, and on a lighter note by the year 2020 the worlds ppulation will have risen by 20%. how do we find kerry katona and stop her?

Cameron Rose said...

She doesn't seem to be hard to find. Photo shoots every other day by the looks of some of the papers.

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