Monday, 28 March 2011

Measuring emissions from 'green' cars

Electric cars?
Ecometrica is a 'carbon accounting' company based in Kittle Yards in Causewayside. 

Its Operations Director Gray Davies has recently published a paper which analyses the emissions of electric cars. 

With virtually no emissions on the street, the process of charging them with electricity does create upstream emissions at the power station averaging 75g per kilometre. This compares to  89g emissions for the Toyota Prius or 208g for the average UK car.

I note that Kia are marketing their new petrol 2012 Picanto at the Geneva Motor Show this month (launch in UK this spring) boasting emissions 105g per kilometre.  The Nissan Leaf electric car is also due to market shortly with its on street emissions around zero.

There is a small problem, though.  The Leaf will cost you almost £31,000 (though you may get a £5k government subsidy off that figure) compared to the Picanto's cost of around £8,000!


twickenham20 said...

Can you please mow my car

Great photo and all this all this engine innovation but I ran into some real other green cars. Thought it was so funny that I share it.

Found it on another web blog and credit where credit is due: Source of the article is The Write Future including some great pictures.

Cameron Rose said...

They are rather brilliant pictures!

Joshua's Law said...

I like to own one Nissan Leaf which is the world first Zero emission car on streets, any how i am also looking to place an solar system which could help me to charged my leaf.

Nicole Vickers said...

I agree! The picture of car that covered in moss or grass is so cool. We can say that Green cars are babies for this generation. But the good news is, the improvement of green cars are still continuing for the better.

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