Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Local history: Buttercup Dairy Company

Entrance to 48 Warrender Park Road
Invariably, posts are confined to events and issues within the ward - but this, the first of two on the subject, telling the remarkable story of the Buttercup Dairy Company, strays to Warrender Park Road.

Earlier today I was calling on local businesses (in pursuit of the Meadows Jawbone Appeal) when I arrived at the lamp shop at Warrender Park Road.  The distinctive tiled mural (pictured right) and the historic decor tell a story of which I had no idea before the proprietor Scott Robertson unveiled it to me.

The account is of the remarkable Andrew Ewing who founded a chain of grocery shops with the green and white themed tiling creating a 'fresh clean and beautiful' image.  The company was founded in 1904 and at one stage ran 250 shops, including what is now the Meadows Lamp Gallery at 48 Warrender Park Road.

More on the remarkable man and this part of our local history later.

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Anonymous said...

Played with a Buttercup farmer sone-circa 1945 era along with sone from the hospital across the road- Norwegian sailrs were ther.
I lived in Hillview Terrace; we all played in adjacent fields and uo to Walter Scott Tower to of Corstorphine Hill;all at Corstorphine Primary School.

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