Tuesday, 2 August 2011

20mph zone in south Edinburgh goes ahead

 This morning the transport committee of the council approved a proposal for a 3 year pilot of a large scale 20mph zone in south Edinburgh.  You can find a map of the affected area on page 7 of this PDF.

It is an area bounded by the Bruntsfield Place/Morningside Road corridor on the west, Holyrood Park on the east, Blackford Hill to the south and Melville Drive in the north.

The above document rehearses some of the arguments in the public comments listed in Appendix 4 of the above PDF.

Some arterial and feeder routes are exempted.  Included amongst those which will remain at 30mph are the Strathearn/Grange Road route and the Marchmont Road, Kilgraston Road, Blackford Avenue and West Mains Road corridor.  The CausewaysideRatcliffe Terrace route is included in the 20mph limit as it is part of the new quality bike corridor from Kings Buildings to George Square.


Sue Rigby said...

Poor show - either a 20 mph limit improves pedestrian safety, in which case it is sorely needed on the main route between Marchmont and Kings' Buildings and towards the James Gillespies School cluster, or it isn't. If the former, then shame on you for not voting it in on such heavily used roads.

Mark Batho said...

The problem in Blackford Avenue (and I suspect other main routes, such as Kilgraston Road)is not so much the difference between 20 and 30mph limits but actually keeping traffic on these routes at 30 mph. Any of us who live on these routes will see, many times a day, cars and motor bikes zooming past at 50 mph and more. If traffic calming isn't the answer, then maybe a judiciously placed speed camera or 2 would do the trick. I've long thought that a camera placed on Blackford Avenue between Grange Terrace and St Alban's Road and facing south would address the Blackford Avenue problem. This isn't a problem solved, Councillors, and that mustn't be forgotten.

Knitlass said...

While I welcome the overall package of speed reduction/traffic calming, it's disappointing that the Kilgraston/Blackford Avenue route was exempted from the scheme. But, I hope that CEC will review the scheme in future...

Cameron Rose said...

Knitlass: Review in 18 months. The pilot is for 3 years.

Mark: I agree very much. The key problem is those travelling fast.

Sue: ". . . either a 20mph improves pedestrian safety. . . or it isn't (needed)." That's a black and white statement statement which doesn't do justice to the range of issues. I'm not even sure that 'pedestrian safety' is the biggest issue here. There is a whole raft of issues, some of which come out in the report.

Thanks for reading the blog.

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