Monday, 19 March 2012

Coloured cycle lanes

New pic 19.3.12 courtesy Chris Hill
This is a technical post.  I get emails from constituents about the end result of digging up roads - that the coloured surface on advance stop lines and cycle lanes are not reinstated.

The surface colour treatment can be rather expensive and a change is in the offing which will result in resurfacing and repairs incorporating coloured chips in the surface - rather than, as up till now, a coloured layer laid on top. 

This offers a better wearing, longer lifespan than the existing colouring method.  Importantly, it is expected to make considerable savings over the longer term.


Kim said...

Maybe we should think of doing things differently. Look at how thing work in countries where utility cycling is common and learn from them, there is much to learn.

Cameron Rose said...

Happy to meet for a coffee sometime for you to explain what you are thinking of.

I have been reading some of your online material.

Kim said...

I am sure we will meet at the Spokes hustings next week...

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