Thursday, 9 August 2012

Local professor challenges Government

Professor Gordon Hughes is part time professor at the Department of Economics at Edinburgh University, based in Buccleuch Place.

He has compiled a report which challenges the economics of current energy policy  - both in the UK and Scotland.  The report is a submission to the House of Commons Energy and Climate Change Committee.

He suggests we are on course for a rise in domestic electricity prices 38% in real terms by 2020 through pursuing the current pro wind policy rather than a gas generation policy.  The report is here and a couple of summary headlines can be found on my other blog here.


Anonymous said...

And what will be the result of this paper and the other contribitors?
Who is it who makes / takes the final decisions?
What can I do?
I have no technical background so just teli on those who have.

Cameron Rose said...

At the root of our current unsustainable energy policy is a quaint belief that disaster is stalking the very existance of our planet. Now I don't know what the future holds, but I do know that this particular belief is based on alarmist rhetoric and some demonstrably scientifically flawed pronouncements in the name of 'science'. The consequences for you and I are the increased prices Professor Hughes calculates. We need to develop the ability to assess critically the constant media diet of climate alarmism.

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