Thursday, 25 July 2013

Drugs in this city

I significant proportion of my constituency caseload relates to issues caused by persons addicted to - or dealing - drugs.  Three times this week already I have occasion to be involved or to listen to the impacts of drug misuse.

Those impacts include anti social behaviour, fear amongst neighbours, disturbances, damage to stair doors, costs to the taxpayer of welfare dependence, illegal drug dealing, fraud, policing costs and much more.  One, or often a cluster of these and other manifestations, come together in a stair or in a street.

So I take every opportunity to remind those with the ability to bring some relief to hard pressed and often overlooked victims of illegal drug activity. 

Yesterday, it was the turn of Chief Superintendent Mark Williams - effectively the Chief Constable of Edinburgh under the new Police Scotland arrangements.  I took the opportunity of a meeting with him to underline the view of many constituents I speak with, of the importance of prioritising - at a strategic level enforcement - the removal of drug criminals from our streets.  I understand from him that there has been a significant increase in police activity and success on this front in the last few months - though I pointed out that the proof of the pudding is for local residents and families to see a reduction in the issues.

And so this morning, though clearly not related to my meeting yesterday, whilst walking through the Dumbiedykes, I came across what was clearly an operation by drugs police.  I thought it not good form to take pictures of the officers in action - so I just took a picture of the street name.  I look forward to hearing the result in due course.


Anonymous said...

just what a responsible councillor is for and does,
This is an object lesson in social concerns for all od us

Anonymous said...
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