Friday, 20 November 2015

Update on School Streets pilot at Sciennes

Additional signs are to be put up to support the School Streets Scheme around Sciennes Primary School.

There has been some concern about the implementation and effectiveness of the pilot project around the School to restrict motor vehicle traffic at the beginning and end of the school day.  The details are here.  I have the response from the Council's Road Safety Manager to my query about the current position. I replicate it (almost) in full below:
The school streets project is being taken forward as a pilot scheme for a maximum of 18 months; it is an innovative concept, the first of its kind on this scale in Scotland. It is being promoted under the statutory powers of an Experimental Traffic Regulation Order (ETRO), which sets out the streets in each scheme, the operating days and times, and the groups which are exempt from the restrictions. These conditions cannot be changed during the life of the pilot, although the scheme is being monitored and evaluated at intervals throughout the 18 month duration, to inform and shape any possible future permanent schemes.
The Sciennes scheme is the only one in Phase 1 located on a through route. It was never the intention of the scheme to exclude all traffic from the streets; there are general exemptions including residents’ vehicles, blue badge holders, emergency vehicles, healthcare workers, such as doctors and nurses, and essential services, such as mail deliveries, gas, electricity and water. In order to reduce the impact on the daily running of the Royal Hospital for Sick Children, there are additional exemptions for the Sciennes scheme. These include taxis and private hire vehicles accessing the front entrance and delivery vehicles specifically serving the hospital.
My team is working with the school and the Junior Road Safety Officers to look at conducting assemblies and classroom activities to remind pupils of the dangers posed by traffic and how to behave when entering and exiting the school on foot or by bike.
The Scottish Taxi Drivers’ Federation, Fleet Transport Association and Road Haulage Association were formally consulted about the scheme. We will contact them again clarifying how the restriction affects their members and requesting they send a reminder out.
Lothian and will be approved for use in any future schemes ensuring consistency across Scotland The "When lights flash" wording is used to remove the need to add the exact operating days and times, which would be impossible for drivers to read as they approach the sign.
In addition, we will shortly be erecting signs in advance of access routes to the area warning that "Livingstone Place and Sciennes Road between Sylvan Place and Tantallon Place are closed to traffic at the beginning and end of the school day".
We hope that drivers’ awareness of the schemes will increase and drivers with destinations outwith the area will avoid it at the restricted times.
We are aware that the police cannot always be present to enforce the scheme. For the first few weeks of the scheme, they have been undertaking an educational role by stopping and speaking to drivers and explaining the new restrictions to them. Shortly they will begin issuing tickets to offenders who will face paying a £60 fine. We will be publicising this and are expecting it to have an effect on drivers currently flaunting the rules. This is in line with the other Phase 1 schools which started at the end of September, where compliance has improved since formal enforcement has commenced.

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Tom reilly said...

And council salt/sanded Esslemont Road today! Congratulations to them.
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