Thursday, 8 June 2017

Cameron House meeting complaint refuted

The Standards Commission has finally cleared Jeremy Balfour and myself of breaching the Councillors' Code of Conduct at a committee meeting over two years ago.

The accusations against me related to a key part in the process of lifting the lid on some dubious events at Edinburgh Council.  I was doing what it took to represent my constituents, to ensure that wrongdoing and malpractice was recognised and to pursue openness and honesty in the Council.

The meeting, (and I maintain my actions) led to two more in depth enquiries subsequent to March 2015, which have resulted in a finding of maladministration against Edinburgh Council and a full apology from the Council to the Cameron House Management Committee, as well as the uncovering and exposing of a range of wrong actions and bad decisions.

I regret that some saw my comments at that meeting as amounting to personal disrespect and accusations. I do not believe they were - nor were they intended to be.  They were intended to show that further enquiry was possible and necessary and in the event, the subsequent enquiries have shown very clearly that such further enquiry was both justified and essential.  I am grateful the Standards Commission has accepted that what I said and did was not in breach of the Councillors' Code of Conduct.

As some will know, there remain unanswered questions about events associated with the Council's involvement  at Cameron House Community Centre and I will continue to pursue them as is my responsibility.

Indeed, I understand there remains an ongoing police enquiry into part of the events exposed in the subsequent reports.

1. Former councillor Jeremy Balfour is now Jeremy Balfour MSP.
2. For those unfamiliar with the background a range of public articles can be found here.

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